Convertible Cardigan for Travel

Convertible Cardigan for Travel (wear it 30 ways!)

My favorite travel gear, part 1:

Convertible Cardigan for Travel

I am kind of obsessed with packing light when we travel. Earlier this year, when we were packing for 4 months in Europe (which turned out to be 3.5 due to the pandemic), we knew we’d be flying budget airlines where we would have to pay to check a bag, which I hate doing. Even the carry-on sizes were more limited. But at least we had gotten a steal on our convertible backpacks. That meant tight packing and more importantly, finding versatile clothes. I knew I was searching for the perfect travel cardigan.

I had been eyeing different convertible cardigans to try to find the best cardigan for travel for a while. I’ve been jealous of my trendy younger sister’s Chrysalis Cardi for years. When I saw Elesk Apparel’s Evolution Cardigan (regular price $60) go on sale around Black Friday last year, I jumped at the opportunity to try one out. Somehow the Instagram algorithm knew what I was looking for when it showed me the ad. When you figure it is a cardigan, shirt, scarf, and more — it was definitely worth it for me.

It ended up being one of my most worn tops and is now a must-pack item in my bags. Well, honestly, I only had about 6 tops with me, but I definitely reached for this one more than my other long sleeves. Here we are, around Spain in my new favorite travel cardigan:

Convertible Cardigan for Travel
Perfect mom travel cardigan: versatile enough to wear on a zip line
Convertible Cardigan for Travel
Stylish enough for walking around Spanish towns

Convertible Cardigan for Travel
Or for visiting museums! (Here at an Origami museum in Zaragoza, Spain)
Convertible Cardigan for Travel
And comfy enough to sleep in on the road.
Thanks to Micah for the most flattering picture of me ever.

When I reached out to the creator of the Evolution Cardigan on Instagram to tell her how much I loved her product, she told me the idea for this cardigan actually came to her while on a European trip.

The cardigan itself is made from a soft jersey knit fabric (so it doesn’t really wrinkle) and has sets of snaps in the sleeves and at the bottom seams that can help transform in into a variety of different shapes. In the end, I mostly wore it as an open cardigan or shirt. It held up really well after daily wear for 4 months. I got a minuscule hole in the bottom of one of the sleeves which I stitched closed with 2 stitches–most likely from doing something like cutting too close with scissors.

How to transform this travel cardigan

Check out Elesk Apparel’s Instagram or website for some inspiration.

Convertible Cardigan for Travel

As a plus size woman, not all of the styles work for me. But with 30 to choose from, there are definitely plenty of options to make it worth it.

Convertible Cardigan for Travel

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